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Beer Elitism: Wear it With Pride


Not too long ago the idea of micro brew becoming a cult phenomenon was seemingly unthinkable. Now, the micro-brew industry is a staple of the alcohol industry as a whole. Many call those who are as obsessed with craft beer as we are "beer elitists", but rather than shy away from that term ... we wear it with pride.

Many macro-brew drinkers try and put down the culture and idea of craft beer, but we don't have time for that kind of negativity. Beer elitism is often associated with being "entitled" or "hipster", but to us it simply means taking something we love and taking it to the next level. 

History's greatest visionaries have been elitists in their fields, and we are proud to say we are craft beer elitists. As NoCoast brew crew and fans we all have a responsibility to properly enjoy America's finest brew. Choosing a new beer can be a daunting feat, and pairing it with another food or activity is equally disconcerting; but rather than suppress our intrinsic desire for growth under the clouded veil of cheap beer, we must tread forward toward the dawn of the new age. In heading into the New Year we encourage you to wear your passions with pride. Our staff of dreamers and brewers alike have come up with our favorite "elitist" activities to enjoy a delicious NoCoast brew with.

Art Elitism- 

Art enthusiasts rejoice, you have found the perfect pairing. NoCoast beer compliments whatever art you are enjoying and enhances it. Exploring fine art with a fine craft brew is a surefire way to spark the creativity in your own life. Or maybe you're a fan of classic films? Enjoy some of histories finest works of cinema with a select NoCoast beer, or many. Or if you are more inclined to enjoy your art through literature, unwind as you read some of the of the world's greatest prose with your favorite beer.

Culinary Elitism-

Culinary elitism is a very logical notion, as you need to eat and drink to stay alive. Why not enjoy it to the fullest! NoCoast pairs expertly with craft cheeses across so many wide varieties. Enjoy our beer and cheese pairings or experiment for yourself. You really can't go wrong. As much as we love our beer, the occasional cocktail is a treat in it of itself. Try mixing your drinking routine with any of our beer cocktail recipes. Or perhaps you like to enjoy a fine cigar with your beer, NoCoast has expertly picked out those pairings for you to enjoy.

Beer Elitism-

Alas our favorite form of elitism. While we may be biased, being a beer elitist is the best form of elitism. When you enter the world of craft beer you open up the endless possibilities of friendships and good experiences to be had. Beer elitism is not simply about drinking, it is about enjoying life through beer. As much as we love our own beers, there are so many craft brew companies to sample, as we grow as an industry together. When entering the craft beer community, you will learn more about your larger communities and yourself than you ever imagined. 

And as always remember to enjoy our beer, and enjoy it safely. Cheers. 


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