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Tips For Responsible Drinking


As happy as it makes us that our fans love our beer, we want to make sure that they are loving it safely. That is why we are happy to provide our 10 pieces of advice for responsible drinking. 

1. Always make sure that you are enjoying our beer lawfully. We do not condone underage drinking (based off of the legal age in your respective state and city), drinking in public, or drinking while driving. Please make sure to always abide by your local laws.

2. Drink for quality over quantity. It is always better to enjoy what you are drinking, rather than risking deadly consequences from over consumption. 

3. You should never feel like you are in a sprint when enjoying our beer, be sure to space out your drinks...which brings us to our next piece of advice.

4. KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Beer is supposed to be a relaxing pass time, not an excuse to test your limits and risk alcohol poisoning to seem cool. If you don't have a good gauge of how much is too much plan ahead by consulting a blood alcohol calculator.

5. Always plan ahead for transportation. If you can try and plan for a designated driver or Uber before hand, and if you drink more than you expect it is always better to pick your car up later and get a ride home.

6. Never accept a drink from strangers, that you didn't supervise being poured. You never know who is dangerous or safe, and if you don't pay attention you run the risk of being drugged. When in doubt it is always better to decline than take a risk.

7. Avoid drinking games. You won't get to enjoy the full flavors of the drinks and are more likely to get dangerously intoxicated. 

8. Keep track of the number of drinks you consume and the alcohol level of each drink. 

9. Never peer pressure someone who does not want to drink. You never know what somebody or their family has gone through in the past, and there is no reason to make them feel obligated to drink in order to seem cool. Please respect your friends who do not want to drink. 

10. Always keep in mind there is no rush. You only have one life, but many opportunities to enjoy a tasty craft beer. Drinking is never worth risking your life.

If there ever is an emergency be sure to call your local law enforcement. It is always better to save someone's life than to allow something dangerous to happen over fear and vanity. As much as we want you to enjoy all of our beers, it is most important to us that you enjoy them safely. 

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