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Enhance Your Labor Day - NoCoast Style


 Labor Day is coming up! It's the official end to summer, so you have to celebrate. Here are our tips for making your Labor Day the best one yet, NoCoast style. 


So you want to enjoy drinks this Labor Day? Maybe you want a beer, maybe a margarita, maybe you have no idea what you want to drink. With our original Labor Day Wavearita recipe you will drink the best of both worlds.

(Serves 6) For this cocktail you will need.

  • 1 Can of Make Waves 
  • 12 oz of Tequilla
  • 12 oz of Frozen Limeade Concentrate
  • 6 oz of Water
  • Ice
  • Salt 
  • 1 Lime

Start by salting the rims of your margarita glasses, use lime juice instead of water as an adhesive for added taste. In a large blender pour the beer, tequila, limeade, water, and 4 cups of ice (or more as needed) and blend on high until it has a slushy like consistency. After this simply pour the mix into the glasses and enjoy by the pool.


As labor day is a day to avoid working as hard, you surely do not want to complicate things with a huge feast. We believe that classic American BBQ cuisine is the best way to go on Labor Day. If you want to enjoy a NoCoast Classic try and whip up some our all American Red, White, and Blue Burgers.


Work hard, play harder. On Labor Day be sure to blast your favorite music, whip up some great burgers, and make our amazing cocktails. Labor Day should not be a hard day at all; so whether its a pool party with your family, playing games with your friends, or smoking cigars with your buddies to do it NoCoast style. Grab a board game or a giant Jenga game and have some fun! 


Remember, as much as we want everyone to enjoy our beer, we want everyone to be safe. Make sure when drinking our beer to observe all local laws, and to enjoy responsibly.  

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