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Our small but mighty Midwestern team loves beer as much as you do. Dedicated to the craft of brewing, they take the time to do it right and proudly supply the NoCoast Nation with delicious beer.

The Tapitalist

While the true identity of The Tapitalist remains shrouded in mystery, one defining characteristic is undeniable—his abiding obsession with beer. This thirsty shark knows that the finest ale flows from flyover country, and he won’t be satisfied until he’s up to his gills in liquid assets. But who is this inscrutable brew tycoon? A nerdy, unassuming trader? A powerful, money-laundering kingpin? Someone you know? One thing’s for sure—he puts his money where his mouth is...guzzling a NoCoast beer.

John “Butters” McMains

Head Brewer

Jack of all trades, master of none. John earned his nickname from an iconic cartoon character for being mild-tempered and naïve…so he became a chef. While crafting dishes, John found himself focused on minimalistic scratch cooking and the way simple flavors are effectively mixed and matched. Having developed a taste for craft beer while traveling to music festivals, he started using beer in many of his dishes, from soups to ice cream. Once the beer obsession set in, there was no looking back, and now John gets to do what he loves every day.

Mindy “Red” Knupp

Assistant Brewer

Mindy is the no-nonsense go getter behind the scenes at NoCoast. Armed with a degree in Bio-Processing Technology this red-headed firecracker gets things done in the Brewery. In the lab she takes care of business at the micro level, ensuring our beer meets the highest quality standards. Mindy hails from rural Missouri. Upon her arrival in Iowa she has quickly established herself in the craft beer community. A scientific fascination with brewing and distilling took her from the classroom to Cellar Operator at NoCoast Beer Co.

Jonah Coakley

Cellar Operator

Jonah hails from the rolling hills of the great state of Arkansas. This young brewer started bartending at the tender age of 21 at one of the most renowned craft beer bars in the state of Iowa. In his year’s behind the bar Jonah sipped and sampled some of the best craft beers in the U.S. and sparked a life long passion that brought him out of the bar and into the brewery.

Quinn McClurg

NoCoast Sales Rep

Quinn is a Central College alumni where he majored in psychology and minored in bio. He takes a scientific and psychological approach to selling great beer. Quinn came to NoCoast with a passion for craft beer following gigs tending and managing bars in Iowa City and Pella. In his spare time you can find this beer guy on the disc golf course and sharking Central Iowa pool tables.

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