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The Gluten Full Red, White, Blue Burger On Sourdough



As Americans we have an intrinsic desire to be bold and daring. We are thrill seekers, we are innovators, but the heart of the American is driven by the desire to explore and expand. As Americans when we party, we party big. However contrary to popular belief the  4th of July doesn't need to mean drinking subpar beer and eating junk food, enjoying the holiday on a superficial level. No, we at NoCoast believe that if you are going to do something, you should at least do it right. That is why we have created the perfect burger to impress.

The Gluten Full Red, White, Blue Burger On Sourdough 

You can go big or you can go full. The gluten full beer is one rich with the flavor and aroma. This sweet blond ale hits you at full force and you are greeted with the taste of malt and subtle hints of fruit and toffee. For this burger, the staff at NoCoast have designed the The Gluten Full Red, White, and Blue Burger On Sourdough.


I. Start by grilling burger (we recommend you throw a little of the beer on the grill, and grill it medium well).

II. As the burger is almost done throw two pieces of sourdough on the grill and get it to your desired level of crisp. 

III. As the burger is almost done but on a slice of swiss cheese, and blue cheese crumbles (the blue) on top of the burger.

IV. Once the cheese is melted take everything off the grill, you are ready to layer. Take the bread and gentle lay your desired amount of sour kraut (the white), then top that Russian dressing (the red). Next place the burger over the 'kraut and put lettuce, tomato, and onion on top of it. On the remaining piece of sourdough spread Russian dressing and complete the delicious burger. 

V. Garnish with a blue cheese, olive, and a pickle, and served with a side of house cooked chips. 

The burgers savory and sour hints contrast with the lighter fruitier aromas, yet complement the almost bread like taste the beer offers as well. This burger paired with a Gluten Full ale is sure to impress all of your holiday guests. 

When you drink NoCoast you aren't drinking a beer, you are celebrating life. 

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