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Super Hero/NoCoast Beer Mashup


Even superheros deserve to unwind after a long day of fighting crime, sometimes they even like to kick back with a cold beer. Whether you like DC or Marvel, everyone loves NoCoast Beer. And like beer, no two hero's are the same. After much deliberation between our Brew Crew, we have determined which superhero would enjoy which beers. 

Take a Chill Pilsner-The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner) 


Whether he is fighting crime or struggling with inner demons, the Hulk always needs to chill down a bit. The clear and crisp taste is familiar, but there are also fruity aromas followed by the mystique of Vienna malt. Like Bruce Banner, this beer is definitely holding back bigger punches. You would definitely find the Hulk enjoying a Take a Chill beer after a long day of work, or maybe he is the kind of guy who would bring a case when hanging out with his friends.


Trend Bucker-Captain America


Like Captain America the Trend Bucker packs an all American punch. The hints of chocolate and coffee create a sense of timelessness, which the Cap perfectly embodies. This beer is strong in its conviction, and people respect that about it. At the end of the day though, this beer definitely has its sweet spots. You would find Captain America drinking one at a old school pub with some of his closest friends. 

Yoga Poser-Deadpool 


An eccentric guy like Deadpool deserves an eccentric drink like the Yoga Poser. This is the kind of beer that seems really familiar, but in reality is completely unexpected. The pineapple and citrus flavors create a playful feeling, while the rich malt adds a little bit of bitterness and subsequent mystery. Like Deadpool, this beer has a way of sneaking up on you. Deadpool would be sipping one of these during a sunrise yoga session on the beach.

Gluten Full-Batman


It may seem like a strait forward beer, but it is anything but that. There are two very distinct malts (European and American), and they pack very different flavors. Even with a higher ABV, it is still sweet and refreshing. Batman would drink this beer while pondering the next course of action in his destiny to fight crime.  

Make Waves-Aquaman



This European Style has hints of the tropic embodied into it, truly unearthing a sense of the combination of old world vs. new. However Aquaman doesn't worry about that, his domain is in the water. Aquaman is a mixed bag, and so is this beer. Every time you interact with either, you discover something new. Aquaman is likely to enjoy this floating on the sea as a great way to start of the week. 

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