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First Iowa Craft Brew Festival


NoCoast is very happy to have participated in this years Iowa Beer Festival. 

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Approximately 3,000 people are expected to enjoy the latest creations by the metro's growing craft beer scene at Saturday's annual event.

The Iowa Craft Brew Fest offered around 300 beers and plenty of food to visitors. This is the seventh year for the beer celebration, with more than 50 Iowa breweries among the 80 offering their products. This year's event didn't only offer beer--it also had its first meadery and two cider makers set up tents.

The Iowa Craft Brew Fest is part of a much bigger celebration of beer going on in Des Moines.

"After having done the beer fest for so many years, it made sense to have this sort of anchor, you know, one end or the other of the beer week. So Beer Week started yesterday, it runs through next weekend, and so a lot of fun things planned all week long," said Brew Fest organizer J. Wilson.

The Iowa Craft Brew Fest is set up in the East Village in front of The Iowa Taproom.

Source: Who TV | June 17 2017

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