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NoCoast Summer Cigar Pairings


On a warm summer night nothing compares to the elation of unwinding with a cool beverage, and a toasty cigar.

One may argue that the alcoholic beverage is almost iconic alongside the rich leaves of a cigar. Oftentimes in media and in both subcultures we read about cigar and spirit pairings, but rarely do we explore cigars and beer on such a comprehensive level. We at NoCoast believe that you can match one of our delicious craft beers for any occasion. After going through the rigors of research, and some sample tests, our staff has come up with our top 3 cigar/beer pairings for the summer.


1. Gluten Full-Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro (Amateur Enthusiasts) 

Both fantastic in their own right, the Oliva Connecticut and the NoCoast Gluten Full Blonde Ale compliment each other's vibrant flavors, and both have very little bitterness. This Oliva is mild-medium bodied and has earthy, almost bready hints to it,which definitely come out when enjoyed with a Gluten Full. The sweet taste of the beer accents the cigar in ways you simply wouldn't notice if you were to go the route of a straight spirit. When combined you will surely dive into a summer magic unparraled to any other. 

Food: If you want to enhance your experience even further we highly recommend you try this combination with our 4th of July burger. 


2. Brew in Town-Rocky Patel 92 (Expert Enthusiasts) 

Considering the light nature of the Brew in Town, we suggest a heavier cigar. The Rocky Patel 92 is a medium-full bodied cigar with hints of coffee, creamy, nutty flavors. The Brew in towns citrus flavors contrast directly with the flavor of the cigar, creating a wide range of flavors. This combination is definitely not for novice enthusiasts as it is a more complex and darker combination. When enjoying the two together you will feel a sense of mystery, as you look into the night sky, and meditate on all the stars...shining.  

Food: We recommend combining this pairing with tastes of the Caribbean for a unique blend of flavors. Try preparing some authentic cuban cuisine next time you want to enjoy a smoke and a beer. 


3. Make Waves-Vanilla CAO (Novice Enthusiasts) 

Light in bitterness, well balanced, hints of banana, and rich the Make Waves is a amazing drink. The Vanilla CAO is a flavored cigar that is rich and creamy. When combined you are sure to enjoy superficial flavors, with complex undertones. This pairing is not as intimidating as a full bodied cigar, and is very easy to relax with. We highly recommend this pairing to novice smokers, who are interested in trying one of our recommended pairings. 

Food: For a nice dessert smoke and drink, enjoy this pairing with a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and banana chunks.


Whether you try our pairings, or experiment on your own, cigars and NoCoast beer go together like PB and  J. If you come up with your own unique pairing be sure to let us know by contacting us today.  

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