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NoCoast Beer and Classic Movie Pairings


Stanley Kubrick profoundly stated, "A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later."  

After much discussion on the subject, our staff of film nerds and beer nerds alike feel as if beer too should be a progression of mood and feeling, taking you on a journey sip by sip. A good beer should not be a beverage, it should transcend bubbles and hops to turn into something legendary. We've come up with 3 very different classic films, and the amazing NoCoast pairings to go with them.


Pulp Fiction - Yoga Poser Pale Ale

Pulp Fiction is often regarded as the visionary director, Quentin Tarantino's, masterpiece. This non linear, neo-noir exposition revisits traits of classic cinema discarded in the 80's. If you have not seen this film, it is important to know that aspects of this time honored classic are weird, but iconic. If you are in the mood for this film it is recommended that you pair it with an original beer, the Yoga Poser. The Yoga Poser manages to be a big heavy beer and a small light one at the same time, much like Pulp Fiction. Although it is a pale ale, its tropical undertones will take you on a trip to the unknown. The Yoga Poser will surely bring you to holistic harmony, and combined with Pulp Fiction you will achieve perfect zen.


The Breakfast Club - Gluten Full Blonde Ale

The Breakfast Club is the story of a group of unlikely teens who are all given Saturday detention, and during their detainment they learn about each other and themselves. This film serves as a quintessential 'high school comedy" even today. This is a fun and familiar film. The Gluten Full packs a heavier punch with light refreshing flavors. It is bold and simple, much like the Breakfast club. This combination is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning in your PJ's, or to spend a date night taking a trip down memory lane. 

Godfather - Trend Bucker Stout

This time honored classic is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, usually placing in the top 3 on critically acclaimed lists. This film follows the lives of the Corleone family as they run one of America's most successful organized crime family's, with syndicates around the country. This is a heavy film that explores deep ideas of morality, free will, and the value of family. This film is long and at times hard to digest, but absolutely worth every minute. The Trend Bucker is an all American stout that will not go out of style with age, rather only become more iconic as time goes on. Its dark aroma and coffee/chocolate undertones provide a mature sense that you can not recreate with any other beer. When pairing two iconic tastes such as the Trend Bucker and the Godfather prepare for a long journey that will propel you into a story of crime, greed, and the Italian American family. 

Forest Gump - Low Brow Brown Ale

Forest Gump is an incredible story of the life of Forest Gump.

This film is a historical time piece, a character piece, a comedy, and a drama all packed into one. Even with its heavier elements, the film maintains its childhood sense of wonder, much like Forest maintains throughout the film. With a classic English feel the Low Brow is a fantastic ale. Although light in alcohol the Low Brow is not light in flavor and complexity., much like Forest Gump. The Low Brow and the Forest Gump go together like peanut butter and banana, not an everyday combination but a fantastic one nonetheless.


However, one of our secrets is that our beer will go well with any movie. Be sure to contact us if you have tried any interesting NoCoast film combinations. 

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