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Favorite Shows Beer Pairing Guide


Do you see more of Netflix than your own family, well, we get the allure of binge watching show after show. And like everything, even watching TV can be enhanced. Besides shopping around for the highest resolution tv and the best audio equipment, we recommend pairing your favorite show's with your favorite beer. NoCoast is our favorite of course!


Game of Thrones - Take A Chill Pilsner

From the shores of Westeros to Essos, Game of Thrones is a modern day epic, to only be compared to the works of Dante and Homer. Game of Thrones follows the lives of many families throughout this fictional middle ages universe, and their quest for power, punishment, and justice. Game of Thrones fans will defend the show through no end, and will often criticize you for not watching it. For a show like this you need a beer chill enough to bring down the heat Daenerys's dragons, for this we recommend a much lighter beer. The Take a Chill Pilsner is a fantastic beer than will likely calm you down throughout the show's heated moments. Its light flavor is just what you need to digest the constant deaths of our favorite characters. 

Friends - Trend Bucker Stout

Were they on a break or not, why are they friends with Phoebe, how do they afford to live in New York on their respectively small salaries? These are all some of the many mysteries about the cult phenomenon Friends. What isn't a mystery is why you binge watch Friends over and over again -- because it's a great show. Maybe your tastes have matured, but your taste in TV is exactly the same. For watching Friends, we recommend the Trend Bucker Stout. This classic American stout will never go out of style. On the contrary, this delicious beer only becomes better with time. Its dark coffee like flavor and heavy aroma will give you more excitement as you binge watch episode after episode. 

The Big Bang Theory - Agricultured Rye Porter

If you watch this show you are obviously intelligent or just as likely think you are intelligent. Whatever the case may be the Big Bang Theory explores the personal and professional lives of 4 scientists. Their socially awkward interactions actually beautifully weave in elements of our our pop culture, often times using literary elements of satire. For an intelligent show you need an intelligent beer. The Agricultured is right with just the name alone. It is a robust porter with a strong coffee finish, and practically screams "I Fit In Here". Sure enough you and a few friends will go through cases as you get lost in this hit TV show, episode after episode. 


 Grey's Anatomy - Yoga Poser Pale Ale

Working in a hospital is stressful, watching Grey's Anatomy is just as brutal. Whether it's the steamy love triangles or the crazy medical issues, Grey's Anatomy will keep you on your feet. For this kind of show you need a calm, relaxing beer. When binge watching Grey's we recommend the Yoga Poser. This pale ale will help you to achieve a Zen like state with its light balanced tones, and not to bitter flavor.  Grey's Anatomy is stressful, and cracking a cold beer will not only alleviate that stress, it will make for a better experience entirely. 


As always these are just our suggestions, be sure to check out some more of our blogs to live the NoCoast lifestyle 

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