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Happy New Year From Your NoCoast Family.


As we enter into the final days before the New Year we reflect on the accomplishments and triumphs of 2017 and look forward to all the exciting things 2018 has in store. As we sit here sipping on a Trend Bucker, we're reminiscing on all of the wonderful things we've done this past year. 

Through hard work and dedication we have accomplished quite a lot in 2017. We have had more events than in any past year. In July we expanded into the Dallas market and celebrated our official Dallas Launch at the Grove. In Dallas, we've had the amazing opportunity to share the NoCoast love throughout multiple bars and restaurants. And on November 4 we supported an initiative to fight global and domestic injustice through the Unlikely Hero's Gala in Dallas. This was an experience we'll never forget and a cause we'll continue to support. 

In Iowa we've been busy in the brewery, coming up with new recipes and re-launching our favorite seasonal beers. Attending the Iowa Beer, Wine and Food Expo in November was a weekend for the books! We had the chance to share NoCoast brews with thousands of local beer enthusiasts and even be judges in a beer and cheese contest. 

As we transition into 2018 we look forward to continuing to bring the pride of the Midwest into the heart's and belly's of so many. In the coming year you'll witness the launch of our online store, more events than ever before, and hopefully new releases of our takes on the beers that you love. 

From our family to yours, we hope that your New Year is full of love, joy and, of course, NoCoast.

In the words of the great philosopher and writer Theodore Herzl, "If you will it, it is no dream". 


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