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NoCoast is Proud to be Certified As An Independent Craft Brewer


We are proud to announce that NoCoast is now certified as an Independent Craft Brewer, via the Brewers Association. NoCoast prides itself on creating unique, craft beer in an industry that supports creativity, independence and collaboration. 

The Brewers Association certifies a brewery as being "craft" by three conditions: small, independent and traditional. A brewery is small when they produce 6 million barrels of beer or less a year. To be independent, the brewery must be at least 75% owned by a craft brewer. Lastly, to be called traditional the majority of beverages sold at the brewery must be beer whose flavor is derived from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients, according to the Brewers Association site.

While we meet the criteria to be an Independent Craft Brewer, the certification means so much more to us. Brewing craft beer is a passion and an art form. At NoCoast we pride ourselves on our freedom to innovate and create new beers that don't necessarily align with the status quo, and we believe that to be the core of what craft beer is all about. Sharing that love and passion with fellow brewers and beer lovers is what makes us love what we do. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans out there who are constantly showing their love of our delicious brews. Whether it be attending events, stocking up your fridge, or just spreading the NoCoast word; thanks for sharing our passion. 

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