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NoCoast® Beer Co. Unveils Initial Product Lineup


New craft brewery in Midwest releases colorful, attention-grabbing can designs

OSKALOOSA, Iowa, Aug. 31, 2016 - NoCoast Beer Co. announced its initial product lineup last week unveiling eight (8) offbeat, attention-grabbing can designs offering a kaleidoscope of visuals.

NoCoast doesn’t brew typical beer, and that beer doesn’t come in typical cans. While the NoCoast brand itself is simple and iconic, each beer can design tells a different story. These stories help to illustrate the brand’s values through dynamic art and witty prose.

The Make Waves Amber Ale artwork features a giant Kraken. Yoga Poser Pale Ale uses fun, psychedelic shapes and colors in the design. Agricultured Rye Porter, which has been deemed the local favorite, is a sophisticated pig face dressed up with a mustache and monocle. Gluten Full Blonde Ale boasts the playful slogan “The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free.” Trend Bucker Stout features a 90s-like geometric patterned print. Low Brow Brown Ale displays an elaborate, Picasso-like design. The Brew In Town Belgian Wheat design includes the quirky slogans “The Odd Can Out” and “Follow The Leader Hosen.” Take A Chill Pilsner features an appropriate tagline of “Goes Down Easy.”

The brand will release further details and information about each beer on their website and social media. Visit and follow NoCoast for the latest updates:

Facebook - NoCoast Beer Co.
Twitter - @NoCoastBeerCo
Instagram - @NoCoastBeerCo

Remaining true to its forward-thinking roots, NoCoast also surprised many last week by presenting its product in cans as opposed to bottles. The 16oz cans will be sold in packs of 4. Why cans? “Industry-wide we’ve seen a shift in recent years from bottles to cans. Cans are actually better at keeping the beer fresher for longer,” says NoCoast Head Brewer, Chuck Crabtree.

About NoCoast Beer Co.

Inspired by the no-nonsense spirit of the Midwest, NoCoast crafts good beer, PLAINS SIMPLE®. The brand calls on the legions of like-minded beer lovers from the plains and beyond. The NoCoast microbrewery is headquartered in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and houses brewing and mobile canning operations. A taproom is set to open later this winter.


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NoCoast Beer Co.

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