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NoCoast® Beer Co. Launches Brand and Declares Middlefesto™


Bold new brewery in Midwest set to open in August 2016


OSKALOOSA, Iowa - NoCoast Beer Co. announced its name, logo, and fearless brand identity by unveiling a new website and delivering a spirited Middlefesto.

NoCoast Beer Co. will celebrate its official media launch on Thursday, August 25, where it will unveil its initial product lineup featuring an offbeat and attention-grabbing collection of cans that offer a kaleidoscope of visuals. This media launch will be followed by several local and regional NoCoast product tasting events that will be announced on the website and social media.

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Rooted in Midwestern pride, the NoCoast brand playfully rejects the pretension of the coasts and celebrates the fuss-free simplicity and down-to-earth attitude of flyover country.

The NoCoast mark is iconic, the flag of a nation of individuals that respect hard work and good beer. PLAINS SIMPLE®.

About NoCoast Beer Co.

The NoCoast microbrewery houses a brewing and mobile canning operation. A taproom that overlooks the brewery is currently under construction and is set to open later in the fall. Chuck Crabtree is the Head Brewer & Chief Business Officer. Previously, Crabtree served as Director of Iowa BioDevelopment & Business Incubation at Indian Hills College. Flanking Crabtree on the Brew Crew are two assistant brewers: John McMains, an Oskaloosa native who received his culinary degree from a Des Moines Area Community College, brings his experience as a chef and an assistant brewer to the team, and Robert Marks joins the NoCoast nation from Miami University in Ohio with a degree in engineering concentrating in sustainable brewing practices. Initially, NoCoast products will be distributed by Mahaska throughout Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska as well as focusing on select markets including: Dallas (TX), Des Moines (IA), Iowa City (IA), Lincoln (NE), Omaha (NE), Kansas City (MO), Wichita (KS).

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