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Welcome To The NoCoast® Blog


Hello, NoCoast Nation. It’s been a wild ride of a month here at Iowa’s newest brewery, and we’re happy that you’ve been a part of it.

Welcome to the blog! This is where you’ll find updates, information about events, and the deep and insightful thoughts of our very own brewers. We’ll try to keep it real. To start us off, here are ten exciting facts about NoCoast Beer Co.

  1. 6 of our 8 intended lineup of delicious brews are currently in cans. We hope to introduce our Take a Chill Pilsner and the Agricultured Rye Porter to you soon.

  2. All of our beer is brewed, canned, and labeled right here at NoCoast.

  3. To celebrate our launch, the brew crew hosted a brewhouse christening and a bottle was ceremoniously broken for good luck.

  4. We attended our first craft beer festival on September 4, at the Festival of Iowa Beers. While there, we made a lot of new friends and got to try some of Iowa’s finest beers.

  5. We have an intern! Mindy comes from Indian Hills Community College and is working on her degree in Bioprocessing Technology.

  6. Local Oskaloosa restaurant On the Green, was the first to put one of our beers on tap.

  7. A small batch of coffee porter in our brewery features coffee from Kawaha Cup, an amazing coffee shop also located in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

  8. *Shameless Plug Alert* All NoCoast apparel and merchandise will soon be available on the website.

  9. Head Brewer, Chuck, is more of a dog person than a cat person.

  10. Our taproom is coming along! Within a couple months, you will be able to sip your favorite NoCoast beer in a cozy space that overlooks the brewery.

We’ve got a lot more excitement coming up, so stay tuned! In the meantime, crack open an ice cold beer and help us toast to awesome beginnings, hard work, and good beer. Plains Simple.


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