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Releasing the Kraken



The Make Waves Amber Ale was the first NoCoast beer to be canned, labeled, and sold. When we saw that first full can of beer spin through the labeler, it was like a hallelujah chorus and a mariachi band all at the same time.

“It was the first beer just by happenstance,” Head Honcho Chuck Crabtree says. “We have been going crazy refining our beers, getting trained on the canner and labeler, and when everything came together and we were ready to go to market, Make Waves was sitting in the bright tank ready for packaging.”

Our Amber Ale is one of our darker brews that is jam-packed with complex flavors. It quickly rose in popularity and stood out in style at many of NoCoast’s first sampling events. It was the first of our beers to hit the market, and the first to earn its own nickname. Check out the rest of our beer lineup! 


Locals are calling it the Kraken, and we’re cool with that. Our mighty, green, wide-eyed can creature is always happy to see you.


Check out the rest of our beer lineup!


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