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[VLOG] NoCoast Cocktails: Yin Yang




Want to spice up your week with a delicious NoCoast inspired cocktail?

Making the Yoga Poser Yin Yang is plains simple. You'll need a can of our Yoga Poser Pale Ale, Skittles (1 green and 1 yellow), lemonade, a lime, ice, a cocktail glass, a cutting board, a grater, and a blender.

To make this beverage simply throw 2 parts Yoga Poser to 1 part lemonade into a blender, with just enough ice to get a slight frothy texture, without diluting the citrus ale flavor. 

Once blended pour the mixture into a martini glass. Print out a yin yang image (about the size of the circumference of the glass), cut it out, and cut along the line in the middle.

Place the template on one half of the glass, and shave the skin of a lime onto the exposed area, and drop 2 skittles forming the perfect yin yang shape. 

The yoga lover in your life is sure to love this zentastic beverage. Let us know what you think. Cheers! 


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