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To Beer And Golf?


Certain questions have plagued humanity for years. For example, is golf really a good walk spoiled as Mark Twain said? Is beer living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy as Ben Franklin said?

When you combine the two—beer and golf – do good things happen?

Think about it. If Mr. Twain was enjoying a cold Yoga Poser Pale Ale or a Trend Bucker Stout while he was playing, how could his walk have been spoiled? A good walk can’t be spoiled when you’re enjoying a good beer.

If your walk is not spoiled because of your beer—is Ben Franklin right, too? If so, could it be that combining beer and golf is the secret to a happy life? As all beer drinkers know from experience, there are certain things you become better at after drinking a few cold ones.

No, really. Who among us hasn’t had a couple of Brew in Town Belgian Wheats and suddenly found it easier to talk to the pretty woman or handsome man across the bar? Who hasn’t discovered their dancing shoes after a few Low Brow Brown Ales? Aren’t we all funnier when we’ve had a couple of Gluten Full Blonde Ales?

It only makes sense that the same would be true when we combine a few Take A Chill Pilsners with golf.

Who hasn’t felt like their swing was a little better after a couple of beers? You relax, your muscles are looser, and your swing feels fluid and smooth. It’s like beer acts as “swing oil” and dissolves your tension and worries.

So, it allows you to play better golf—right?

Let’s think about this for a moment. How was that video of your ‘dance moves’ your friends posted on Instagram? Anyone 'compliment' your moves in the comments section? That phone number you got after throwing out all those ‘super smooth’ lines— 867-5309 – did it work? Does anyone remember any of the ‘hilarious’ jokes you told?

Probably not.

When you looked at your scorecard after that round where you shot-gunned a six-pack, how was your score? Do I really need to answer that one for you?

So—had Mark Twain been able to Kraken to a Cold One, would he have still thought golf was a ‘good walk spoiled?’ Probably, but he would have enjoyed being in the great outdoors more on a warm day.


Play golf with your friends. Enjoy a good walk. And if you're going to be drinking a beer, drink a NoCoast.

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