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A Beer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away ... ?


Everyone has heard of a glass of wine (or bottle for some of us) before bed in order to improve heart health; but beer to be healthy? Admittedly as beer fanatics we were skeptical in being able to justify our love of beer for its health benefits. But after doing some research we discovered that there are quite a few reasons to kick back and enjoy a NoCoast ... other than the delicious taste. 

1Beer Can Increase Bone Density 

There is empirical and anecdotal evidence to suggest that moderate beer consumption can increase bone density, in part through its minerals, which decreases the risk of bone fractures.

2. Think More Creatively

A beer or two unfortunately won't improve your intelligence, however a study in Consciousness and Cognition suggests that it could boost your creativity! Our staff unanimously agreed that our Low Brow works great for writing.

3. See Better

Canadian researchers found that a beer a day (preferably a lager or a stout) increases antioxidant activity which helps to prevent risk of cataracts. And who doesn't want better vision?

4. Mental Health Boost

We have all heard of beer goggles, but a beer mirror? Research has found that after a beer or two people view themselves as more attractive, which helps boost self esteem.  Although if you find yourself drinking too many, you may find the opposite to be true, and may struggle with depression issues. Like all drinking, moderation is key. 

5. Fight Off Infection 

Having a few drinks a day actually might boost your immune system and fight infection, according to a study at the Oregon Health & Science University. In a test where monkeys were given a smallpox vaccine, some monkeys were given alcohol while others were given water with sugar. The monkeys that had the alcohol had better responses. 

6. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a leading cause for many health problems, but research suggests that beer can lower your risk for hypertension. In a Harvard study, researchers found that moderate beer drinkers were less likely to develop high blood pressure, compared to those that drank liquor and wine. 

We think those are all valid reasons to crack open a NoCoast and kickback. Cheers!

The following is not intended to be perceived as a scientific or medical article. The intention of the article is purely for entertainment and to spark discussion. We do not claim any medical qualifications. Please consult your doctor before drinking, and we never recommend mixing our beer with medications. 

Sources: Health.US News | Organic Facts  | NBC

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