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NoCoast Holiday Survival Guide


December has arrived and the holiday season can officially commence. This time of year is always filled with so much warmth and joy. Spending time with family and loved ones, cooking up feasts, and exchanging gifts are some of the most beloved traditions. 

But with these beloved traditions, comes an added layer of stress that isn't there the other 11 months out of the year. Not to worry though, NoCoast can help you take the edge off. 

Visiting Family

Benjamin Franklin profoundly said, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after 3 days”. Of course we all love our family, but that doesn't mean that having them around doesn’t create more stress. Sometimes visiting family wants to talk you're ear off while you're in the middle of something, make a mess, or sometimes they simply bug you for no reason at all.

Well, luckily you can treat this situation in two easy steps. Simply go into the fridge and grab a Brew in Town for them, and grab 1 (or 3) for yourself. This delicious Belgian Wheat has a light aroma and fruity taste, that'll immediately put you at ease. There's nothing like a delicious craft brew to bring family together and diffuse any situation.


Yes, cooking can be a lot of fun. But when it comes to cooking large, complex feasts — it can get stressful! Making sure you have all the ingredients, timing everything just right, not burning something in the oven ... it's an art and a science navigating the kitchen.

But don't fret, NoCoast to the rescue! Go into the fridge, grab a Trend Bucker, pop it open and take a sip. You'll instantly feel better, we promise. This stout is rich and complex, satiating not only your hunger but bringing down stress with its impressive 7 percent abv. 


Finally, the reigning king of stress, holiday shopping. This stress is brought on by a combination busy stores, brutal crowds and trying to buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Luckily in the digital age you no longer even need to go into a store. You can do all of your shopping online. And the best part about online shopping? You can drink beer while you do it! Nothing goes together better than our Agricultured Rye Porter and a full Amazon cart.

No matter what stresses you out during the holiday season, there is a NoCoast beer to remedy it. Just remember, even though our beers are always easy to enjoy, enjoy them responsibly. Cheers and happy holidays! 

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