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Recap: Iowa’s Premier Beer, Wine & Food Expo


Iowa's Premier Beer, Wine and Food Expo was a few weeks ago and it was one for the books! It was amazing sharing our beer and passion with so many new faces.

For this event we had the opportunity to create a special barrel aged porter, partner with Yancey's Fancy Cheeses and host our first ever beer and cheese pairing. Attendees got to taste four NoCoast brews paired with five of Yancey's Fancy cheeses. Most people automatically think of wine and cheese pairings, but we're here to flip the script and make beer and cheese pairings the next big thing.

In the words of our assistant brewer John McMains, "When it comes to beer and cheese, the possibilities are endless."

Be sure to check out the NoCoast Networks official coverage of the event below. Want to catch the next NoCoast event? Stay up to date on all events by signing up for our newsletter!


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