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NoCoast in Nature


Growing up some of our best moments took place in nature. The first time we went camping, long hikes, our first sip of beer dad said not to tell mom about. Well like every activity, it's best paired with our craft beers. Our Brew Crew has come up with 3 outdoor activities that can be enhanced with a cold beer, provided it is legal to consume where you are. 

Fishing Trip:

Hours and hours in the hot sun in a tiny boat can be grueling. Fortunately, even if you aren't getting any bites, you can Make Waves. Our Make Waves beer is the perfect way to enhance your fishing trip from boring to quintessential. While enjoying this beer you will surely be brought to a place of true enjoyment, by any superficial pleasure you can find on this earth.

Reaching the Summit of a Large Mountain:

After months of training, and a grueling trek up you have finally reached the Summit of a great hike. You are sweating, everything is hot, and you need to chill down and take in the majestic view. The Take A Chill Pilsner is the perfect way to unwind after this great feat and to take in everything around you. 

Family BBQ:

So you finally were able to bring together your closest friends and family for a BBQ. After countless hours grilling the patties, crafting burgers, and socializing it's time to take it all in and drink a beer. The Yoga Poser is the perfect combination of bitter, but not too bitter. This delicious pale ale will allow you to evaluate whats really important. Good company, good food, great beer. 


While NoCoast is great in nature, it's good everywhere. If you have a favorite time or place to enjoy NoCoast be sure to let us know. Be sure to join our newsletter to stay up to date on all things NoCoast!

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