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How to Handle The Back To School Stress


As summer is coming to a close, and families with younger kids are gearing up for the back to school grind. You need to find a way to handle the next 9 months of school projects, field trips, first crushes, parent teacher conferences, and an array of stressful situations. Normally we would not advise trying to find your answers in the bottom of a bottle, but a can of NoCoast may do the trick. Below are three common back to school scenarios, and which beer to pair them with. 

First Field Trip - Yoga Poser: 

So you are a wonder parent, you can do it all. Although you are already busy you somehow got roped into chaperoning a field trip. It could be a nice fun day with your child, if there weren't a million other kids yelling, screaming, and causing chaos. When you finally arrive home, fall back into the couch with a can of our Yoga Poser. With the Yoga Poser you will be enjoying true zen. After a whole day of being flexible, it is now your time to relax, enjoy it the right way. 

Called Into the Principals Office - Take A Chill Pilsner: 

Even though we try to instill a sense of good behavior in our children, sometimes in spite of our best intentions they slip up a little bit. After you have been berated by the administration for lack of supervision, and you held back your own anger in order to set a good example, you need to find a way to Chill Out. That is why we recommend the Take A Chill Pilsner, with its light tastes, light aroma, and fruity undertones this beer is a huge win. While enjoying this beer you will gain the perspective you need to see that in the scheme of things, whatever happened is beyond repair.

Left Homework at Home - Make Waves: 

Due to a sentimental quality we all possess, it is in our nature to spoil and enable our kids at times. Well, after working with your child for weeks on a big project, they left it at home. Like a superhero you pull a U-Turn on the way to work and manage to get it to them just in time for you to make your big meeting. After this feat you deserve the refreshing feeling of summer. With Make Waves you will enjoy an English Ale. In fact as soon as you get home pop a can open because you acted like a hero, so you deserve to drink like one.

With school starting be sure to stock up on NoCoast now, its going to be a long 9 months. 

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