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Coffee and Beer: A Perfect Marriage


You will be hard-pressed to find two more loyal followings than beer and coffee aficionados.

Coffee lovers can’t imagine their day starting without a delicious cup of their favorite caffeinated delight. There is just something about the aroma and flavor that makes it a little easier to feel prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

The pick-me-up the caffeine in coffee gives doesn’t hurt either.

Beer lovers feel much the same way about their favorite brews. But rather than start the day with a nice, cold beer, they are ending it with one. For many, it’s almost a tradition; it’s a way to help the mind and body unwind from the rigors of the day.

Much like that first sip of coffee in the morning, that first sip of your favorite beer can feel like being handed a gift from the gods. There is just something about when you Kraken to a Cold One at night and sit in your favorite chair that screams relaxation.

One prepares us for the day while the other helps us recover from it. But what if you can’t make up your mind which you want to have? Not that you are thinking about having a beer before driving to work in the morning, but what if you want one when you come home?

Not just any beer; you want one that speaks to you as much as your morning coffee does. It sounds like you want a No Coast beer—but which one?

Trend Bucker Stout

Much like a good, hot cup of coffee, a Trend Bucker Stout is a full-bodied beer that is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Its dark color and roasted notes may even remind you a little of coffee. It even tastes a bit like coffee.

If this sounds like your kind of beer, then you would probably enjoy a nice bold Costa Rican coffee in the morning.

Gluten Full Blonde Ale

Many Mexican coffee beans tend to be a bit on the sweeter side with an almond or hazelnut finish. If that is your type of java, then you will probably enjoy a sweet, light bodied Gluten Full Blonde Ale. A Gluten Full will be as refreshing in the evening as your coffee was in the morning.

Make Waves Amber Ale

If you enjoy the fruity scents and the balanced, slightly roasty flavor of a Makes Waves Amber Ale, then you will be interested in Cascara, the dried husks of coffee berries. The tobacco and leathery notes will remind you of the last time you were able to Kraken to a Cold One.

Low Brow Brown Ale

For those who enjoy the fruity aroma and the roasted, nutty flavor of a Low Brow Brown Ale, the musty, earthy undertones of the Sumatra coffee bean are for you. Sumatra coffee bean lovers may also enjoy an Agricultured Rye Porter.

Brew in Town Belgian Wheat

The spicy, sweet flavor of a Brew in Town will go quite nice with many of the coffee Holiday Blends that will become popular in the winter months. Outside of the holiday season and if you can find it, a Moroccan spiced coffee is a Brew in Town’s long-lost brother from another mother.

Yoga Poser Pale Ale and Take a Chill Pilsner

Both beers tend to be refreshing, light, and easy to drink; maybe a little fruity and slightly bitter. When it comes to coffee, it doesn’t get any more refreshing and easier to drink than Kona coffee. Now 100 percent Kona coffee can be crazy expensive, but if you want a coffee that needs no sugar or cream, this is it.

The roasted grains used to make many No Coast beers are what give them a slightly coffee-like aroma and/or flavor. It’s all part of the process. But if it means the next time you sit down to enjoy a good cup of coffee you’re going to think about drinking a No Coast—well, that’s okay, too!

Starting your day with coffee and ending it with a No Coast beer— sounds like the perfect way to bookend a day!

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