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Benefits of Drinking at Work


The notion sounds like a crazy one, right? Benefits of drinking beer at work? No way! It looks more like someone is asking for trouble.

Don’t get me wrong. As far as we are concerned, there is never a wrong time to Krakken to a Cold One. But drinking at work? Okay—so we all think about it. But it is one of those things that is typically frowned upon.

Typically, but not always…

It appears that many employers have decided to enter The New Age…Of Beer and are letting employees enjoy a cold one at the office. It has become one of the popular perks companies are offering in hopes of attracting the best and brightest talents in their field.

But why do such a wonderful thing?

As it turns out, while most people may be more productive when working alone (which is what led to the telecommute boom), working solo does not promote collaboration, innovation, or creativity. Who among us hasn’t felt a little more creative after drinking a Brew in Town Belgian Wheat or a Trend Bucker Stout?

Science has proven that alcohol eliminates many of the barriers keeping you from having a creative breakthrough. So, if there is a creative element to your job, then enjoying a Take a Chill Pilsner will make you better at your job.

What employer doesn’t want their employees to be better at their jobs?

If a job involves machinery of any kind or could in any way be construed as a potentially dangerous for people under the influence (even a little), then no—there shouldn’t be any alcohol present or beer consumed.

It is much easier to appreciate how Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer-Holder when no one is risking their life or putting others in harm's way. But when it comes to the many non-life-threatening jobs—why not?

The obvious answer is because you can’t have anyone getting intoxicated at work and doing something wrong (morally or legally).  Of course, whether a company cracks open the beer fridge at a certain hour or has it open all day is up to the company.

They can give people the chance to be adults and exercise restraint and common sense (does anyone really need to be told it is not a good idea to get drunk at work?). But even if the fridge wasn’t unlocked until 3 or 4 PM, those last few hours can become more productive ones as people relax and do their job rather than watch the clock.

Hey—according to a study by a team led by University of Illinois cognitive psychologist Andrew Jarosz moderate drinking at work is a good thing. When has academia ever steered us wrong?   

The key word is ‘moderate,’ of course. Tipsy, not drunk.

So, the next time you find yourself interviewing for a new job, take a look around and see if they have a beer fridge—preferably one well-stocked with Gluten Full Blonde Ale and Agricultured Rye Porter.
If they do, take the job, pop open a NoCoast and get to work.

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