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Crazy Beaches

Crazy Beaches

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Hazy IPA with Coconut | ALC 7.2% | 16OZ
No one likes a shady beach. But a crazy one? Here at landlocked NoCoast, life's a (proverbial) beach, and we've been playing in the sand. Crazy Beaches is a Hazy IPA heavily hopped with dank tropical goodness and coconut flavor. This brew has the ladies going cuckoo for coconuts. So don't just kick back with any beer on the beach... reach for summer in a can man!
Hazy IPA with CoconutColor – Yellow and hazy like high humidity summer sunshine.
Aroma - Tropical fruit aromas burst out of this beer.
Taste - Tropical fruit flavors accented by coconut.
For best results, serve at 41⁰F.

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