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Can Unveiling On The Square
26 Aug 2016
06:30 PM
06:30 PM

Can Unveiling On The Square

OSKALOOSA — A brand-new craft beer company has set up shop here in Oskaloosa. It's called “NoCoast.”

This four-person company says it hopes to build a name for itself locally and go from there, eventually branching out to distribute over the whole Midwest. They celebrated their official launch and media event on Wednesday and say they plan for their products to span a variety of craft beer profiles. 

NoCoast's two assistant brewers are nicknamed “Butters” and “Father Bert,” and their cheery events coordinator Melanie (a graduate of William Penn) is affectionally referred to as, “Big Mac.”

The four-person company hosted its first public tasting in Oskaloosa on Friday afternoon, on the section of town square adjacent to Smokey Row. They were showcasing their first batch of brews with names like “Trend Bucker,” “Take a Chill” and “Agricultured.” One resident expressed confusion over the fact they had a can of pilsner on display, to which the lead brewer responded that it was still in development and wasn't quite ready for the market yet.

“We're happy to be here,” she continued, “We've got so much going on, and actually I just got an email that said all these are online now. That webpage went live today,” she said, pointing at the beers. NoCoast's Oskaloosa microbrewery is currently equipped with four fermenters and will produce up to 620 gallons at a time. The company says it has worked out deals with Hy-Vee and Fareway, and that its products should hit the shelves this week or next.

They get most of their barley supply from Cargill in Eddyville and say their yeast comes from a company called White Labs, which advertises as GMO free. NoCoast says its taste profiles aren't going to be strictly local; they're going to have foreign classifications, also. According to the website, they get their brewing water by filtering a ground reserve source from underneath the Skunk River and adjusting various mineral levels in the water to replicate the water qualities of specific global regions.


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