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Brewery Christening
24 Aug 2016
01:30 PM
01:30 PM

Brewery Christening

Mahaska's first and only manufactured craft beer company named NoCoast is only weeks away from hitting shelves. This Wednesday the small but mighty Midwest brewery invited local supporters in for its official kickoff.

It's official; NoCoast Brewing Company is entering the craft beer market in Iowa. Brewmaster Chuck Crabtree says the company has a goal of producing eight different types of brews, which will roll out over the next few months. NoCoast is doing something a bit different than what Iowans are used to in the craft beer scene. That's offering its beer in cans instead of bottles. This Friday, August 26th will be the first chance residents and visitors 21 or older can see the aluminum cans with NoCoast designs. As well as sample a few of its products.

“It's called Brew In Town Belgium Wheat,” Crabtree says. “We have Lowbrow Brown Ale. We will be showing those on Friday, showing you the cans. And we have a Make Waves Amber Ale.”

Members of NoCoast say there may be more types of craft beers to try, but you'll have to visit the city square at 4:30 p.m. on Friday to find out. If you're unable to be there Crabtree says NoCoast is planning to launch its products locally in Oskaloosa, Des Moines and Iowa City to start.

“We know if we can't build the product locally the expansion from then on is going to be a little more difficult. But we have no doubt it's going to be successful locally,” Crabtree says.

Crabtree says NoCoast is a forward thinking business with big plans. That includes growing the business quickly and distributing its products throughout Iowa and eventually the Midwest.

NoCoast plans to have a taproom next to where the beer is produced, but Crabtree says it won't be ready until November or December. In the meantime NoCoast Events Coordinator Melanie Mackey says the company will take part in the Festival of Iowa Beers on September 4th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event will be on the ground of Millstream Brewery in Amana, IA. That will be the first beer festival for NoCoast.

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