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Welcome the Spring Season with these Beer Cocktails


Another day, another beer, am I right? Not today. Today, we decided to shake things up with some beer cocktails. 

Now, cocktails themselves can be pretty hit and miss when trying new recipes. Throw beer into the chaos and you have the potential to, well, waste a beer. Nobody wants that. So, we took the liberty of trying a couple hoppy, refreshing beer cocktails for you (major sacrifice, we know). We can definitely vouch for these three mixology attempts, which we made using our own Yoga Poser Pale Ale. 

1. Pale Ale Citrus Sangria 

This sangria is great for larger groups, so get ready to impress all your friends by replacing the usual wine ingredient with an IPA or Pale Ale. 

- 1 sliced grapefruit 
- 1 sliced lemon 
- 1 sliced lime 
- 1 sliced orange 
- 1 cup vodka 
- 1/2 cup fruit juice of choice (I went with lemonade because I already had some) 
- 2 cans NoCoast Yoga Poser Pale Ale 

Instructions: Combine sliced fruit, vodka, and juice of choice into your pitcher and let it chill overnight. Add Pale Ale. 

Extra bits: I fished a couple extra lemon and lime slices out of the pitcher to add to my serving. Smells awesome. Tastes Awesome. Is Awesome. 

2. Blackberry Lemon Smash 

This recipe is great because you can take artistic liberties with your ingredients. Love blackberries? Add more of those. More of a lemon person? Do your thing. 

- Blackberries (I put 5 in one glass) 
- Lemon (I used 1/2 a lemon) 
- Mint Leaves 
-NoCoast Yoga Poser Pale Ale 

Instructions: muddle your blackberries, lemons, and mint leaves together before adding pale ale. Add more mint leaves! 

Extra Bits: I poured this one over ice after making it and that extra cold temperature made this cocktail perfect. 

3. Cucumber Basil Pale Ale Cooler 

Nothing says refreshing like something with cucumbers in it. 

- Half a cucumber, sliced 
- Basil Leaves 
- 1/4 cup vodka
- Lemonade (as much as you want!) 
- NoCoast Yoga Poser Pale Ale 

-Add all of those ingredients (taking artistic liberties with proportions as desired), add ice to make the cooler cooler. Enjoy! 

What beer cocktails do you enjoy? Try these, or show us your own and email us at! 



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