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Three Clever Uses for Spent Grain


The average brew day here at NoCoast Beer Co. usually results in over 2000 pounds of spent grain. After a brew is over, our grains are given to a local farmer to use for livestock feed. Here are three additional uses for all that spent grain:

1. Dog treats!

You probably shouldn’t share your beer with your best furry friend, but you can still show them love with some tasty spent grain dog treats!

4 cups spent grain

2 cups flour

1 cup peanut butter

2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Meanwhile, combine and mix each of the ingredients thoroughly until a thick dough forms. Use your favorite cookie cutter to make fun shapes before baking treats for 30 minutes.

(Fun fact, this treat is a human-friendly treat as well!)

2. People treats!

You can add dried spent grains to your favorite combination of nuts, fruits, and oats to make a tasty (and healthy!) granola treat. Add an oil and a sugar after drying grains to sweeten.

John "Butters", assistant brewer here at NoCoast, also uses spent grains to make us tasty treats- like these muffins from this morning! 

3. Garden Treats!

Spent grains can replace vegetable waste and manure to produce nitrogen in your compost. As spent grains are very high in water content as well, you’ll want to stir the compost up fairly often to aerate.

What do you do with spent grains? Send us your ideas at! 

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