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Seasonal Beers Comparison


Since the dawn of time, there have been questions that have plagued humanity, begging to be answered. What came first—the chicken or the egg? Why are ‘fun size’ candy bars so small? Do clowns taste funny to cannibals? If all the world is a stage, where does the audience sit? Can anyone beat Alabama?

Taste great or less filling?

That final query is one that plagued a generation of beer drinkers. Was there favorite beer so awesome because of the taste or because it didn’t make you feel bloated when you drank it?

It is a question that was debated at great length over a beer that was—well, the same no matter when it was made. It was as generic as a beer could get. But it went down easy when it was cold, wasn’t too expensive, and it never went out of season.

To be fair, they didn’t really have too many choices when it came to beers back in that generation. But that is not the case in today’s brave new world. Today's beer drinker has options—hundreds, maybe thousands of them.

With those options come even more questions that will plague beer drinkers—especially craft beer aficionados – till the end of time. Questions like which seasonal beers are better?

Fall or summer?

Do you prefer your beer to be light, crisp, and refreshing? Do you like a slightly fruity flavor or a citrusy aroma? Do you like it hoppy with a light malt body? Are you all about having a beer that is refreshing and easy to drink?

You are a summer beer kind of drinker and would probably enjoy a Yoga Poser Pale Ale, Gluten Full Blonde Ale, Brew in Town Belgian Wheat, and Take A Chill Pilsner are right up your alley.

But what if you are not as concerned about our beer being light, easy to drink, and refreshing? What if want a beer with a little more body? One that is a little spicier and adventurous? Then you are more of a fall beer kind of drinker and go for darker ales like a Make Waves Amber Ale or a Low Brown Brown Ale.

However, if you stick just to fall or summer beers, then you leave out great winter beers like Agricultured Rye Porter and Trend Bucker Stout—and that just wouldn’t be right.

If there is one thing that the craft beer revolution has taught us, it is that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder. There is no right or wrong beer because there is a beer for everyone out there.

There is no reason for any beer-- or beer drinker -- to be the Odd Can Out.

This is The New Age of Beer. If you like it, drink it. If you don’t, well—then someone else will drink it.

But which is better, fall or summer? The answer to that question depends on two things—what you feel like drinking and what options are available for you to choose from.

In most cases, seasonal beers are only available during certain times of the year. If that is your situation, then you don’t have a choice. The better beer is going to be the one you have access to.

But, here at No Coast, we believe you should be able to Kraken to a Cold One of whatever you want whenever you want. Feeling like you want a beer for Cultivated Taste after playing softball all day under the hot sun?

Then pop open an Agricultured Rye Porter and enjoy.

Tired of Christmas shopping and feeling like you want something that Goes Down Easy? Pour yourself a Take A Chill Pilsner and call me in the morning. 

Whether you're enjoying a Summer beer or a Fall one, enjoy a NoCoast. 

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