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Our Top 10 Moments of 2016



365 days ago, did you think you’d be where you are right now? We certainly didn’t! Between opening NoCoast Beer Co. and making all these new friends in the beer world, 2016 has definitely been a crazy revolution around the sun.

So pour yourself a beer and feel the nostalgia sink in. Here is our top 10 moments of 2016:

1. In early June, our tanks arrived! It felt just like Christmas.

2. Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, visited us and took a tour of the brewery on June 22.

3. On August 18, we launched NoCoast Beer Co. and showed the world our Middlefesto.

4. On August 22nd, Make Waves Amber Ale was the first NoCoast Beer to be canned and labeled!

5. We unveiled our awesome can lineup on August 26, afterward, we had dinner at On the Green, which was the first restaurant to have NoCoast on tap!

6. We attended our first Beer Festival on Sept. 4th!

7. On September 15 we hosted one of our favorite beer release parties as we celebrated our Yoga Poser Pale Ale and Gluten Full Blonde Ale for the first time!

8. We love a good special brew, and we were so pumped to put our Barrel-Aged Stout on Tap in Ottumwa in October!

9. In late November our building exterior was painted, and it looks mighty fine.

10. Finally, on December 9 we celebrated our last beer in the official lineup, the Take a Chill Pilsner.

So many of our favorite moments happened this fall after we opened. We can’t wait for all the adventures to come in the next year. Keep an eye out for facility updates, new beers, and all sorts of exciting events! Adios, 2016!

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