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Our NoCoast Superstar Beer Pairings


At one time or another, most of us have thought about how cool it would be belly up to a bar and have a beer with our favorite celebrities. There is just something about them that we adore so much that we can’t help but imagine what it would be like to enjoy an ice-cold alcoholic beverage or two with them. But do we ever think about what we do if we ever really got the chance?

Seriously—if you got the chance to belly up to the bar with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Neil Patrick Harris, President Obama, Nathan Fillion, Will Ferrell, or George Wendt, would you order just any old beer?


It would have to be the perfect NoCoast beer; one that they could identify with.  So—which NoCoast beer would you order?

For Nathan Fillion:

With how he and Stana Katic were said to clash on the set of Castle, it sounds like he could have used a six-pack of Take A Chill Pilsners to ease the tension. But Captain Malcolm Reynolds has been known to feel a little more serene after drinking something a little more hoppy in nature. So perhaps a Yoga Poser Pale Ale would be more to his liking.

For Will Ferrell:

The comedian may be a little tougher to order for than some. He’s been known to host bar crawls, but then he has professed admiration for “good, crappy beer.” Perhaps his inner-Ron Burgundy would love something a little malty like scotch. He might even get a kick out of being handed a beer named Low Brow Brown Ale.

Not because his style of comedy has ever been called low-brow or anything….

For President Barack Obama:

It may be a little easier to order for President Obama since we know he had a honey ale, honey blonde ale, honey porter, and honey brown brewed at the White House. It sounds like the sweet, malty character of a Gluten Full Blonde Ale might be right up the former president’s alley.

From a personality standpoint, Make Waves Amber Ale would be the perfect beer for the first African-American president in U.S. history. Why? He certainly made a few waves during his political career.

For George Wendt:

Kids, it’s okay if you don’t know who he is. Ask Mom and Dad, and they’ll tell you he was one of the most famous beer drinkers they knew back in the day when everybody knew his name (and they were always glad he came).

On camera, he was all about free beer, but rumor has it, off camera he has a thing for Belgian beers. So, hand the man a Brew in Town Belgian Wheat and rest assured knowing you’ll never be the odd can out with him.


For Stone Cold Steve Austin:

What sort of beer do you get a former pro wrestler that used to shotgun beers after every match? You get him whatever he wants! But if you're going to get a beer similar to the rugged, brash, in-your-face personality of his wrestling persona—go with a Trend Bucker Stout. It has a rugged yet balanced flavor that warms and excites the palate much like how he used to excite fans in the ring.

For Neil Patrick Harris (aka Barney Stinson):

Neil Patrick Harris has been known to indulge in somewhat hoppy beers but if his character from How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson, would probably love to drink an Agricultured Rye Porter because it’s a robust beer with rich, earthy aromas and a strong finish that will make you feel—wait for it—worldly.

Call it a hunch, but 'worldly' is probably one of the ways Barney would have described himself!

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