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Meet A Member of Our Tasting Panel!


Here at NoCoast Beer, quality comes first. We meet weekly with our tasting panel experts to make sure we are bringing you the best beer possible. 

What's it like to be a taste-testing ninja? We've recruited panel member Keri Songer to tell us all about it! 


Name: Keri Songer

Favorite NoCoast Beer: I truly enjoy them all, but I love the Trend Bucker Stout.

Favorite Beer of All Time: It’s so hard to choose! I feel like my favorite changes by the day, but if I must choose one...I never seem to be able to pass up Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout (I promise I do enjoy more than just stouts-NoCoast’s Gluten Full and Firetrucker’s Angelicus are a couple of ales I love!).

Something You’ve Learned From Being On a Tasting Panel: I’ve learned so much by being on the tasting panel! I’ve always loved branching out and tasting new things, so being on the panel has been great because now I can better pinpoint what the flavors are that I’m tasting in different beers and where those flavors are coming from.

Best Thing About Tasting Panel: Easy-getting to drink craft beer during the workday (even if I only get two ounces at a time, it’s still beer at work!)

If You Could Have a Beer with a Famous Person, it would be: Amy Poehler-I feel like she’d be that smart, hilarious, crazy fun aunt that you’d love to hang out with every chance you get.

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