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A Feast Fit for Friday



We enjoyed another successful Beer Dinner last Friday, April 21, at the Linge Lounge. We always have a blast working with our friends at the Linge Lounge and Theatre Cedar Rapids. They planned a delicious menu to pair with NoCoast brews and we're still drooling over it. Drool with us and check out the highlights, below! 


1st Course: 
Take A Chill Pilsner, mixed with a homemade Michelada paired with a fresh garden salsa and organic tortilla chips
2nd Course: 
Yoga Poser Pale Ale
paired with a mixed bitter green fruit salad topped with a Yoga Poser cherry/raspberry vinaigrette and fresh mozzarella
3rd Course: 
Make Waves Amber Ale
paired with brown sugar-glazed shredded chicken on top of a homemade wheat waffle covered with a Make Waves Amber Ale-infused real maple syrup.

4th Course: 
Trend Bucker Stout
paired with a pork loin brined in Trend Bucker Stout, then slow cooked in a spiced coffee/chocolate rub, and served with homemade beer/chocolate bread
5th Course: 
Mammoth Barrel-Aged Stout
a homemade chocolate-bourbon brownie drizzled in a Trend Bucker-infused chocolate ganache and bourbon-infused caramel sauce
The night was nothing short of exquisite, as every night spent at Theatre Cedar Rapids often is. Thanks to our friends at the Linge Lounge for putting on such an awesome dinner with us! 

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