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Get the Insider Scoop on Our Low Brow Brown Ale


Today I was able to sit down with our head brewer, Chuck Crabtree, and pick his brain on our newest release, the Low Brow Brown Ale. For months our staff has been perfecting this recipe and we're so happy with how it turned out.

This beer is one of our favorites yet, and perfect for the cool weather. To get the exclusive inside scoop read the highlights from our interview with the man behind the can. 

  1.  What’s the inspiration behind the Low Brow?

I just love traditional British Brown Ales.  As a home brewer, I always had one in the pot and I decided early on that it was going to be one of our regulars. In some ways, the brown ale is like a stout to me. They taste very different but they both elicit an environmental response that is dark, foggy, cold and clammy. But the beers themselves are very warming.

2.  What are the key flavors of the Low Brow?

Low brow - definitely malty, but with a distinctly thinner mouth feel than our stout. It is also lower in alcohol than most British Browns (4%). This provides a session opportunity for beer lovers during the winter months when many beers are going high ABV. True, the alcohol can be warming, but sometimes, you just want to sit with friends for a long time over a beer and not get hammered.

3. Where does the Low Brow style of beer originate from?


4. If you had to pick one food/meal to pair it with, what would it be?

Shepherd's Pie. Beef.

5. What’s the first word that comes to mind after taking your first sip of the beer?

Dude, I could drink a lot of these!

6. If you could take this beer with you anywhere, where would it be?

Low brow - The Isle of Man!

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