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Holiday Dinner and Beer Pairings


The holiday season is upon us, NoCoast Nation. Once you get past the stress of holiday travel, the chaos of Christmas shopping, and the impending doom of wiping snow off your car each morning, you must ask yourself: What beer am I bringing home this holiday season?

Many well-travelled beer enthusiasts will tell you that it depends on the meal. We would agree with said beer enthusiasts. We’ve narrowed down your beer pairings to 4 types of meals that are often served during the holidays. Cheers!

1. The Classic Supper

You can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and some kind of roasted large bird. Such traditional entrees are enjoyed by the masses and consumed in various leftover forms for days after your family gathering.

Your Beer Pairing:

Trend Bucker Stout: The full body of our classic American stout pairs well with a hearty classic American meal. Chocolate notes will compliment cranberry sauce!

Agricultured Rye Porter: Another full bodied beer to keep up the hearty goodness of your dinner, our Rye Porter will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as the company you dine with.

2. The Snacker

Some family gatherings ditch the large dishes and go straight for the cheese balls and veggie trays, and we don’t blame them. Seasoned pretzels, pickle wraps, and various types of dips make for a nice long day of full stomachs and full hearts.

Your Beer Pairing:

Low Brow Brown Ale: Our brown ale has a light body and a lower ABV so you can keep drinking with every snack break. And when the conversation lags, you can always point out the artistic can to keep the laughter alive.

Yoga Poser Pale Ale: Yoga Poser offers easy drinking, and is hoppy notes pair well with most cheese plates!

Brew in Town Belgian Wheat: In a similar fashion to Low Brow and Yoga Poser, Brew in Town’s lighter body makes for easy drinking and its orange peel/coriander flavors pair will with your Aunt’s crazy cheese dip.

3. The Experimenter

For some, the holidays are an opportunity to try that crazy recipe you’ve always wanted to bring to life. Whether it’s a deep fried Turkey or a Turkey stuffed with Duck stuffed with Chicken wrapped in bacon, the experimental dinner needs a beer that’s ready for anything.

Your Beer Pairing:

Gluten Full Blonde Ale: this blonde has a smooth flavor that will go with anything, even if it turns out burnt to a crisp. Plus, the higher ABV can give you the extra motivation to finish your meal so the chef doesn’t feel bad.

4. The Desserter

Who needs a main course when we can go straight to the best part? ‘Nuff said.

Your Beer Pairing:

Trend Bucker Stout: This chocolatey masterpiece will amp up your favorite pie or cheesecake so you can slip right into that sugar coma you’ve been dreaming of.

Agricultured Rye Porter: this Porter will balance out even the creamiest of pumpkin pies.

Make Waves Amber Ale: Caramelly notes meet crumbly cookies and cakes for the holiday of your wildest fanatsy.

No matter how you enjoy your holiday meal, make sure to appreciate the company you dine with. The holidays are all about family. So, Happy Holidays! From our family to yours.

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