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NoCoast Beer Pairings for Common Football Moments


Peanut butter and jelly, iconic. Movies and popcorn, iconic. Chips and guac, iconic. Beer and football, not only iconic, but all American.

However, just because the NFL features advertisements of subpar beers doesn't mean that beer aficionados should subject themselves to this unrelenting savagery. If you are on this site you clearly have a fantastic taste in beer. Our staff of beer lovers and football fans alike have come up with which NoCoast beer would pair well with which football moments.  

There are minutes left in the fourth quarter, you are up by 7 points, and your favorite quarterback's shotgun pass quickly turns into an interception and touchdown for the other team. With minutes left to go in the game you are practically jumping out of your seat, it's taking everything you have to not throw the remote at the TV and curse out the world. You need to go to the fridge and pop open a Yoga Poser. Its light aroma and balanced hop profile will bring you down from a 10 on the anger scale to a respectable 5. With the help of the Yoga Poser you will be able to enjoy watching the game, regardless of the outcome.  

Your favorite team is playing one of the worst teams in the league. For weeks everyone has been thinking you are going to win, and sure's a blowout. You are already in the second half, and your team is up by so much that watching the game has almost become dull. Time to crack open a Gluten Full. This beer is sure to liven up the game with its complex flavors, and distinct barely malt taste. When your feelings full of the game, take a Gluten Full to enhance your satisfaction. 

Its one of those games that either determines whether you make it to the playoffs, you stay in the playoffs, or you are in the Super Bowl. Your are playing a team that is pretty evenly matched, in your football pool the spread is .5 a point. Your face is blood red, your hostile toward your family, every minute is stress. As your team exchanges points throughout the game it is important to keep calm. You need to...Take a Chill Pilsner. Its light flavor will relax you so you can make it through the game without alienating your family and friends. If you going through a rough season you may want to pick up a keg.

Your watching a game and realize you don't even care at all. Maybe your team has already secured its place as division leader, maybe you just aren't that into football to begin with.  We get it, and thats why recommend the Low Brow. Although light in alcohol, this beer is not light in flavor. With its balanced fruity taste and chocolate malt undertones this beer will liven up the game, no matter how little you care. 

Its the greatest catch you have ever seen, you realize you need to celebrate. After you finish cheering with and hugging everyone in the room, time to drown down a Trend Bucker. This American stout is dark and rich in chocolate and coffee flavors. It is sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd. Because of how dark this beer is, make sure to have plenty of food on hand. 


Of course, these are just suggestions, any NoCoast beer will go well with every possible occasion Be sure to follow our newsletter to stay up to date on all NoCoast news. 


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