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Burgers & Beer Pairings for Memorial Day


With Memorial Day coming up, we listed our top burger and beer pairings for you to try this weekend. Here are three burgers and beer pairings to grill up on your own or order in.

#1) Bacon Cheeseburger

Beer: NoCoast Yoga Poser

The Yoga Poser is the perfect pale ale with a mild caramel finish to go hand in hand with the bacon.  Who doesn't love a good bacon cheese burger?

#2) Pulled Pork Cheeseburger 

Beer: NoCoast Take a Chill Pilsner

Slightly malty and hoppy, the Chill Pilsner will compliment the pulled pork on the burger nicely.  This is one hardy meal that is sure to fill that burger craving.

#3) Blue Cheese Bacon Burger 

Beer: NoCoast Mammoth Stout

Bursting with a multitude of flavors, a blue cheese bacon burger pairs nicely with this light bodied barrel-aged stout with a slightly oaky finish.  The Mammoth Stout is a special edition beer only available in a select few locations. 

Don't forget to pick up NoCoast at your local Hy-Vee or other retailer to complete your Memorial Day barbecue. If you'd rather find one of these burgers out on the town, check out our beer locator on where to find us. 

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