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NoCoast + Big Texas Beer Fest
30 Mar 2018
07:00 PM

Big Texas Beer Fest
Fair Park Automobile Building

07:00 PM

NoCoast + Big Texas Beer Fest

NoCoast is proud to announce that we'll be participating in one of the Southwest's largest beer festivals — Big Texas Beer Fest! 

Featuring 120 breweries and more than 500 beers, this massive beer fest will bring in up to 10,000 beer lovers. The mantra of the Big Texas Beer Fest is: connecting people through beer. That's a mantra we can get behind!

This renowned beer fest will take place on: Friday, March 30th: 7pm - 11pm (VIP starts at 6pm) & Saturday, March 31st: 2pm-6:30pm (VIP starts at 1pm)

NoCoast will be serving up tasters of our gold-medal winning Trend Bucker Stout, Make Waves Amber Ale and Take a Chill Pilsner. 

Visit Big Texas Beer Fest website to get tickets.

Hope to see our Dallas family there! 

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