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Our Busy, Exciting, Beer-Filled Week



Valentine's Day kicked off a week filled with beer specials, unique events, and unseasonably excellent weather. 

It began with Cards Against tournament one of our favorite places, the Des Moines Social Club!

Hearts Against Humanity was the first event we've ever sponsored, and it was a huge success. The winners event got their very own NoCoast swag bag! 

Check out the rest of the Hearts Against Humanity Pics Here!


On Thursday we decided to dine at Proof, and were impressed by how well their menu pairs with a good NoCoast Beer. 

Have you ever seen a prime rib this beautiful? Because we haven't. 

We took the party over to Cedar Rapids on Friday, but not before enjoying a quick patio drink in the warm February sun at On the Green



Friday night we kicked off the weekend at Linge Lounge in Cedar Rapids, IA. With five NoCoast beers on tap, how could you possibly go wrong? 


As the classic saying goes "a perfect week isn't over until you listen to some dueling pianos" so that's exactly what we did. 

Headbrewer Chuck passed out beer samples to the sweet sweet sound of 2 pianos dueling in Chariton on Saturday. 


If you don't end a week like this a little bit exhausted, you probably aren't doing it right. Feeling left out that you missed all the NoCoast excitement? Stay in the loop by signing up for our email newsletter!


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