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Meet Your NoCoast Brewers



We sat down with our brewers for a highly scientific, in-depth conversation about themselves.

Why craft beer?

Bert: Throughout my academic life, I was always most interested by issues concerning chemistry and biology. I became interested in making alcoholic beverages when I learned of the chemical and microbiological processes involved. In addition, the alcoholic beverage industries are of interest regarding the ecological and social effects they create; among these being the agricultural infrastructure required to produce the necessary raw ingredients, resource management in the immediate processes of creating the beverage, and the end product’s impact on both social interaction and economic development. Craft beer is unique not only in the socioeconomic realm, as a result of the culture it fosters and the businesses it supports, but in the ecological realm as well, due to its rapidly increasing impact on agricultural and waste treatment industries. These are what prompted me to investigate the industry while at university and pursue a career in the industry. Besides, it appeared at the time to be a more plausible endeavor than attempting to revive the New Wave genre in mainstream U.S. music culture

Chuck: Because of the alternative.

John: I love craft beer for several reasons too many to describe. But if I have to narrow it down, I would have to say it’s because so much love, hard work, and dedication go into making each beer. It also brings people from all spectrums together for one common interest: BEER

What’s your favorite beer of all time?

Bert: Orval

Chuck: North Coast’s Old Rasputin

John: I would have to say Sierra Nevada Pale Ale it’s just an all around solid beer. I know there are more interesting unique varieties, but it's always nice to have a flagship to fall back on.

If you weren’t a brewer, what would you be doing with your life?

Bert: Squatting in a National Park - a hermit persisting on a diet of nuts, berries, songbird eggs, and the occasional granola bar I scare off of unsuspecting hikers.

Chuck: I would still be pretending to be a scientist and an educator, both of which I have become disillusioned with.

John: Who knows haha probably slanging dishes out some old kitchen.

What’s your spirit animal?

Bert: A Brown-throated sloth. People often think they’re lazy, but they climb all the way down the tree to the ground every time they poop. That’s dedication! ...Or is it defecation?

Chuck: Hippo, the pink ones.

John: I once locked eyes with an owl in the woods .We had a starring contest for at least 10 minutes until I finally gave. Think he reached into my soul and said haha I won. So an Owl to answer that question

If you could have a beer with anyone, who would it be?

Bert: Pope Francis and the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, at the same table.

Chuck: My father.

John: I think Hunter S. Thompson would be an interesting drinking partner.

What’s your favorite thing about NoCoast?

Bert: The shoreline.

Chuck: The attitude, and these questions are stupid!

John: The wonderful smell of beer cooking in the morning.


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