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Interview With A Beer Fan



Today’s Beer Feature will focus on the Low Brow Brown Ale. But, instead of getting our insight from the Brew Crew, we decided to ask a fellow beer enthusiast what they think.

Briana serves as President of The Fine Arts & Cultural Events (FACE) of Mahaska County, and is also an art teacher in town. Briana is an art lover and a newer fan of craft beer. The Picasso-esque Low Brow can with its bright colors caught her eye right away. When she discovered the beer inside was the darker kind of brew that she enjoys, trying Low Brow was a no brainer.

How would you describe Low Brow to the average beer drinker?
Briana: It’s got that dark, almost chocolatey taste. It’s very rich and I like that.

What’s your favorite craft beer of all time?
Briana: I do love IPA’s. I’ve had a lot of Lion Bridge’s Yard Sale IPA lately.

If you could have a beer with anyone, who would it be and why?
Briana: Picasso! We could drink this *gestures to can* and talk about art and the can! Or I’d pick a panel of artists and we’d have some drinks.

Which NoCoast Beer would you vote for for president?
Briana: It would be between this guy *gestures to can again* or the Yoga Poser. But man, I don’t know with the last name Poser I don’t know if they’d do very well. But I think the No Sharks No Pirates No Tsunamis on the can makes up for it. 

What holiday food pairs best with the Low Brow Brown Ale?
Briana: I could have this with some Turkey and Mashed Potatoes. A little Thanksgiving feast. 

And finally, show us your best Low Brow face:


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