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Friends We Made at the Expo



Tasty new delicacies and bodaciously badass brews could be found in abundance at Iowa’s Premier Beer, Wine, & Food Expo on November 11 and 12. We had a blast showing off our beer and making new friends. Here are 4 we think you should definitely check out:

1. Kalona Brewing Company

Located in Kalona, Iowa, Kalona Brewing Company welcomes you with beautiful and simple cans with some good beer inside. They spent some time sampling their Sucha Much IPA (try saying that out loud real quick. Fun right? We can’t stop either).
We really enjoyed sharing our beers alongside them and hope to make a brew crew field trip to Kalona soon.

2. Yancey’s Fancy Cheese

Found at many local grocery stores, Yancey’s Fancy table had a gorgeous display of amazing cheeses. Head Brewer, Chuck , was partial to their Chipotle & Habanero flavor, while Big Mac found savory comfort in the Roasted Garlic Cheddar variety.

We should also note that beer goes really well with delicious cheese.

3. Firetrucker Brewery

This amazing team comes from Ankeny, and recently joined the can revolution (high five!) by offering their Burnout Brown ale and Brigade Ale on shelves in some very nifty cans. We tried their Cat in a Tree Ginger Beer and it really blew our minds.

Mind-blowing beer aside, it was awesome to meet their passionate team at the Expo. This is another brewery we hope to visit together soon.

4. Mistress Brewing

The newest Iowa brewery to hit the scene, Mistress Brewing makes beer sound even sexier than it already is. We loved trying their Caught Red-Handed Mistress Red IPA and their Jackie Brown Mistress English Brown Ale. With tasty beers full of character, we are so pumped to see this brewery take off.


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