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Trend Bucker Stout - Head Brewer Q&A


Today we were super lucky to get to sit down with our head brewer, Chuck Crabtree, and pick his brain on our new Trend Bucker Stout beer...

Q. What’s the inspiration behind the Trend Bucker recipe?

A. Honestly, in an earlier life, when I first developed this recipe, I was a big fan of North Coast’s Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. So I set out to put together a complex, roasted malt  stout in that tradition, but with lower ABV.


Q. What’s the inspiration behind the name "Trend Bucker"?

A. Trend Bucker is a reflection of NoCoast’s attitude towards trends and fads.  We like to buck the trends when we can. Many would say that Trend Bucker Stout doesn’t buck any trends. It is just a standard American Stout. That is a true statement. It is just an American stout. No coffee. No cocoa. No aronia berries and mango fruit. Just an American Stout. Trend Bucker.


Q. What are the key flavors... hoppy, malty?

A. This stout is full of roasted malts giving it depths and balance.  


Q. Where does each style of the Trend Bucker originate from?

A. England... traditionally.


Q. What’s your favorite aspect of the Trend Bucker?

A. The body and the delicious roasted flavor.


Q. If you had to pick one food/meal to pair with the Trend Bucker, what would it be?

A. A rich chocolate dessert. 


Just speaking to Chuck about the Trend Bucker has our mouths watering! Stay tuned for two more new beers launching later this month. 

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