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The Best Things in Life Aren't Free


“The best things in life aren’t free” says the can of NoCoast Gluten Full Blonde Ale. Our blonde ale was released at our New Beer Release Party in mid-September alongside our Yoga Poser Pale Ale. Since its release, it has been one of the most interesting beers to see hit the market.

Gluten Full Blonde Ale is described as “brimming with the light, refreshing flavor of a lager and the full body of an ale”. Both American and European hops combine to balance the dominant American barley malt.

The blonde ale has risen above our others for some local beer fans. Our friend Micah says is a big fan of tasty beers with high ABV (ours is 7%).

“It’s an exceptionally balanced beer with a smooth swallow and a perfectly passive punch,” said Micah.

As always we ask: what say you, beer fan? Feel free to leave us your comments on our social media pages!



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